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Water Quality Test

What is Water Quality Testing

A Water Quality Test is a homebuyer's first line of defense to ensure their water supply is potable. Water contaminants such as bacteria and nitrates can cause serious health issues and damage the water system. With clean drinking water being a prerequisite for healthy living, it is critical to know if there are contaminants in a plumbing system that could cause adverse health effects.

Why is Water Quality Testing required?

Low-quality water not only has an unpleasant taste and smell but can trigger a range of severe health issues, including neurological disorders, abdominal diseases, respiratory illness, and cancer. Water Quality Testing searches for any of these dangers.

What is covered in Water Quality Testing?

For WIN's Water Quality Tests, inspectors collaborate with accredited laboratories for a certified drinking water analysis. All water samples are taken in a prescribed manner per the laboratory's guidelines and sent for analysis, which provides fast and accurate results.